Hair Extensions

Get the fullness and volume you’ve always dreamed of!  TEN uses VoMor Hair Extension System, a high quality human hair option for those wanting thicker, fuller hair.  A 15 minute consultation is necessary for clients wishing to receive this service.  There are no refunds on extensions.  Available as a whole head service or just add a few pieces to accentuate where needed.  You and your service provider can discuss what option best suits your needs. Available in 12″, 16″ and 20″ lengths.

Hair Extensions Today

Approximately 30 Million women (25% of all women) in North America experience thinning or fine hair, resulting from diet, heredity, medication, health issues, or simply the aging process.

These women are turning to hair extensions as an excellent alternative to provide more fullness and volume, but this group of women are not the only reason that the hair extension market continues to rapidly grow. hair extensions have also become a fashion trend and much more mainstream than ten years ago.

Hair extensions are now appealing to all ages, as women play with different looks, just because they can – choosing to add color, volume or length – for special occasions or just to make a simple change.

Pricing by Consultation