Blond Absolu

Ultra-Violet care for blonde hair!
Blonde hair, don’t care? Well why not?

Being blonde is a commitment, wouldn’t you agree? Sometimes keeping that fresh brilliant blonde can be challenging! Do you ever feel like you’re so committed, you’re married to your stylist? Well you are not alone! With new Blond Absolu from Kérastase, you can be totally in charge of your blonde glow! The line is formulated to keep lightened hair, healthy, shiny and brass free!

Blond Absolu combines two powerful technologies, Cica: a powerful antioxidant and Strong anti-brass violet based pigments, leading to stronger, healthier blonde hair! Hair care with anti-oxidant power is extremely important for retaining pigment, and keeping hair true to tone! Products in the line containing the Cica ingredient: Cica Fibre (Fusio Dose booster), Bain Lumiére (Shampoo), Cica Flash (Conditioner), and Cica Plasme (Leavin-in Heat protectant). Implementing all, or just a few of these products in your daily haircare routine can insure a brilliant blonde that everyone will be asking about! Brassy is never a word any blonde wants hear! Utilizing the violet pigmented products within the line, Bain Ultra-Violet and Masque Ultra-Violet, you are able to customize your anti-brass results! For full intensity brass cancelation cleanse with Bain Ultra-Violet- finish with Masque Ultra-Violet, for light brass cancelation use either the masque or shampoo in combination Bain Lumiere or Cica Flash conditioner. Blond Absolu can be your entire hair care routine, or just pieces of it can be supplemented into your normal daily routine. To maintain a strong, resilient hair fiber (the structural component of the hair strand) treat your hair regularly with a Fusio-Dose® and Cica Fibre booster! You can receive a customized Fusio-Dose® treatment in salon, or at home with a Home Lab™ kit! Cica Fibre booster can be mixed and matched with any of the concentrés, insuring the ultimate fibre care! Sustain results by always caring for your hair with a heat protectant. Cica Plasme is a great option, being super lightweight and insuring 450 degree heat protection, it will make the hair soft, silky and super shiny! Blond Absolu is an awesome option for any blonde trying to keep up with their finicky hair. It promises ultimate fibre care while delivering customizable anti-brass cancellation. So, in short: Blonde hair, DO CARE!