*Both lash lift & tint


By now, we’ve all become familiar with the phenomenon that is lash extensions, the ultimate “high maintenance to be low maintenance” service. However, ranging from $100-300 and 1-2 hours of your time every 2 weeks, it’s safe to say that extensions are quite the investment.  This is where our new favorite, low maintenance lash service comes into play. 


Lash Lifts


Starting at $80 or $100 if you add a lash tint, a lash lift will give you the same longer and darker lashes that you love but for 6-8 weeks. And the best part? The lashes are all your own. Where lash extensions use medical grade adhesive to attach a false lash to each of your natural lashes, lash lifts go right to the source. Using an eye safe perm solution, your natural lashes are curled, creating a lifted and lengthened effect. We then tint the lashes a shade or two deeper than their natural color, giving you that dark and defined lash line we all love. Enhancing your natural lashes while eliminating the need for both a lash curler and mascara? We can’t think of anything better! 


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The Bridal Checklist: Get Wedding Ready at TEN


At TEN, we’re known for our world class salon and spa services. Our Bridal team creates that same experience for our brides. Using the products we know and love, Skinceuticals and Kerastase, combined with other luxury hair and makeup products, there is no one better to help you feel like the best version of yourself on your wedding day!


Your TEN Bridal experience will consist of a trial hair and/or makeup appointment, where you and your hair and makeup artists will collaborate and execute your wedding day vision. The day of your wedding, you and your wedding party will spend the day being pampered in our beautiful bridal suite. Here are a few things to keep in mind for each appointment:


The Trial

Before your trial, be sure to research inspiration for your hair and makeup as well as your vision for your wedding party and have a few photos ready to show your artists. You’ll also want to have confirmed details such as your dress, bridesmaid’s dress, flowers, and color scheme. Our Bridal Team will use these as inspiration to create a custom hair and makeup look for you and your party that flow seamlessly with your overall vision for your wedding.


During and after your trial appointment, don’t be afraid to communicate with us! Whether it’s feedback on a lip color or tweaking your updo ever so slightly, the goal of this initial appointment is to work out all the kinks well before the wedding day and for you to leave 100% satisfied with your hair and makeup!


Preparing for the Big Day


The days leading up to your wedding day are critical. Here is our biggest piece of advice when it comes to prepping for your skin and hair for your wedding day: No waxing, facials, new at home skin care products, hair color or cuts, spray tans or sun exposure within 3-5 days before the big day. We want to eliminate any and all possibility of sun burns or negative skin or hair reactions within that time frame. That being said, we do recommend a series of facials as well as hair treatments in the months leading up to your wedding! Together our med spa team and Bridal team can create a treatment plan for you that will have your hair and skin thriving by your wedding day.