TEN Salon & Spa

Education Loan Reimbursement Agreement

When TEN hires a new service provider employee, a significant investment is made in the employee’s education before the employee starts performing client services. This is primarily made of advances for the employee’s salary while in training. The specific Education Loan amounts will be disclosed monthly to the employee as these accrue. These advances are treated as loans to the employee, which are forgiven over time as the employee’s tenure increases, as set forth below.
The first 60 days of employment are a probation period, and no reimbursement will be due if termination occurs during that period.  If an employee resigns or is terminated for cause, the following reimbursement schedule will apply after the first 60 days:


Date when employment is terminated % of Education Loan to be reimbursed
61st day-12 months from start date 100%
12-18 months from start 50%
18-24 months from start date 25%
Over 24 months from start date 0%

Print and sign the following document, then return document to Karen Winokur, Hair Salon Manager:

NEW TALENT Education Reimbursement Plan