TEN is one of the top salons and spas in the nation. We are a luxurious, high-end salon and spa, which represents the highest level of comfort and expertise that our guests can expect. We sell and use multiple product lines, and adhere completely to the philosophy that states, “We are here to benefit both the environment of our planet and our guests”.

TEN Salon and Spa is proud to offer our guests the finest service providers in Northern Colorado and offer our staff a team based culture!

We are ALWAYS hiring service providers with a great attitude, skill and commitment to succeed. If that sounds like you and the environment you want to grow in please apply

Our compensation environment is based on competitive salaries, and excellent benefits. Benefits include health insurance, paid time off, employee discounts, and in-depth continuous education.

Check for our current openings.

Being one of the top salons and spas in the nation as measured by:

  • business success
  • high client retention
  • low employee turnover

As an employer:

  • competitive salaries and benefits
  • culture of excellence, team work, and fun
  • helping people develop to their maximum potential

As a service provider:

  • excellence and consistency in taking care of every guest, time after time
  • our guests know they’ll get the highest quality of service regardless of who provides the service

Expectations from staff:

  • absolute integrity
  • respect of others
  • teamwork
  • doing their best
  • flexibility
  • consistency
  1. Absolute integrity.
  2. Energy and upbeat attitude.
  3. Team work. A desire to help others, and the initiative to help TEN grow.
  4. Relentless focus on the client’s positive experience with his/her services.
  5. Flexibility to work different hours during the weeks/months/year, when necessary.
  6. Ability to step out of main line of work to perform other services or general duties when necessary.
  7. Self discipline to ensure punctuality in attendance, and completion of tasks.
  8. Respectful attitude with every client and every employee.
  9. Wholehearted adherence to the TEN philosophy and line of products we carry.
  10. Desire to learn and grow.

Application must be submitted through our website. Your application goes into a “pending recruiting funnel” which we maintain for each type of position. We review the funnel in detail when we open a position.

At that point, should you be one of the top candidates, you will be contacted for further information, or asked to come in for an interview.

In view of the number of applications we receive, and the small size of our management staff, we regret that we cannot acknowledge and/or reply to every application. Rest assured that our system has been fully tested and your web- submitted application WILL automatically be included in our recruiting funnel, and reviewed.