Extentioniste Thermique by Kérastase

The newest addition to the Extentioniste rage from Kérastase! This blow-dry primer protects against heat damage, and seals split ends for longer, stronger locks! From the best selling launch in Kérastase history, new Extentioniste Thermique makes its debut! If you have ever thought about achieving the longest, strongest locks possible, Extentioniste is for you! With technologies focused on strengthening hair that just doesn’t grow, every part of the range is vital to achieve those mermaid locks you’ve always dreamed of!

The newest Thermique (a unique line of blow-dry primers) to join the Kérastase family will test the limits of healthy, long hair! Thermo-protection is essential to achieving healthy long length. Extensive heat damage can cause splits ends, which we all know is detrimental to growing hair! Extentioniste Thermique protects up to 450 degrees! Can you find a blow dryer or flat iron that exceeds 450 degrees? We thought so!

So you already have some split ends but you want to begin your journey to long hair! Well no worries here! Infused with Creatine-R and Taurine, nasty split ends are sealed and tamed for ninety percent less breakage! Of course we recommend getting a fresh trim before starting your journey, but this technology will aid in keeping ends healthy and strong! It’s gel-cream texture will leave hair soft and smooth with a light-weight touch! Apply Extentioniste Thermique to freshly washed, damp hair as a primer for styling. Feel free to use a blow dryer, flat iron or curling iron with no fear of damaging your hair any further!

Combine with other styling products like Matérialiste, Kérastase’s thickening gel for a structured blowout with plenty of bounce and movement! Or if you’re someone who likes wearing your style for a couple days combine with L’incroyable blow dry créme for a re-styleable do! When used in combination with the complete Extentioniste range you truly can achieve your hair goals! Now you can BE hair goals!