Experience the revolutionary cutting technique and tool that will forever change the way hair is cut.

Calligraphy Cut pen

TEN is the exclusive certified Calligraphy® provider in Northern Colorado.  Calligraphy Cut combines skill, care, creative passion and technical innovation. With its blade angled at 3°, Frank Brormann developed the patented Calligraphy Pen which cuts the hair on the diagonal, rather like the careful cut to preserve a flower stem. The hair is not damaged – instead, the gently and carefully guided blade results in visible movement in the finished cut, which makes it appear fuller. This requires the highest degree of precision and care because the perfect result depends on an even more precisely defined, more pronounced cutting angle of between 21° and 23°. The finely honed ergonomic design of the Calligraphy Pen enables very safe use so that the stylist’s full focus is on the guest`s hair. The result: fuller hair that feels soft and pleasant, which can be styled in a wide range of ways – for a more intense and sensuous experience. With only approximately 1,500 stylists in the entire United States that are certified in this innovative tool and technique, TEN Salon and Spa stylist are certified in Silver and Blackstar Calligraphy Cut. Experience Calligraphy® with your next visit to TEN, and you will never go back to a traditional haircut again.

Fusio-Dose™ treatment is included with service.