A collection of tips that will make your mornings run a little smoother! Back to school season is upon us, and I think we are all dreading those stressful mornings trying to get the kids ready for the day. We have gathered a few tips and tricks for girls and boys to make styling their hair as simple as can be!

Here are a couple tips for girls:

  • Spray-in detangling mist! An easy way to make early morning brushing/combing easy and stress free is adding a spray in detangling mist to your routine. Spraying a few mists into damp hair before brushing will be a game changer. Wonder Worker spray from Shu Uemura is an excellent choice, as adds lightweight moisture and shine while working through knots.
  • Use a Wet Brush Pro! Along with your Wonder Worker spray, using a Wet Brush Pro will save your kiddos scalp and reduce breakage. This brush have specially designed bristles that glide through tough to detangle hair.

Pro Tip: Hold the tool vertically when brushing! Most brush bristles are designed for easy detangling when held vertically.

Here are a couple tips for boys:

  • Use a grooming cream! A grooming cream from Baxter is a simple addition to your son’s styling routine. It makes hair more manageable without being super sticky or greasy. Using a dab of this stuff in your little dude’s hair will make him look and feel dapper!
  • Use a texturizer! A texturizing spray, like the Clay Effect Styling spray from Baxter, will give grip and texture to fine, hard to manage hair. If your son is a surfer dude at heart, a texturizing spray will be his best friend. It will also make styling his crazy hair easier than ever!

Of course, you can find all products mentioned at TEN! We hope these tips will make your school year run a little bit smoother!