Massage Loveland CO

Massage during pregnancy can be a wonderful addition to your care routine. It can offer relaxation as well as loosening the muscles so the mother isn’t so uncomfortable. There are many benefits that massage can bring to a pregnant woman, but there also can be some concerns. When should you start getting massages, are they safe? What should you ask for when booking a massage? We will answer these questions so you feel comfortable and confident booking a massage during your pregnancy.

There can be a lot of questions surrounding whether or not you should get massages during pregnancy. One of the first questions that is asked is “is it safe?” Yes! It is safe for you to get massages throughout your pregnancy. Most doctors will recommend it as part of your care! While the American Association of Pregnancy states that you can receive m at any point in your pregnancy, most massage therapists won’t accept you as a client until you are in your second trimester.

At TEN, our therapists are trained and certified in prenatal massage Loveland CO. We do require that you are in your second trimester to begin your massage regime. When booking your appointment you want to make sure that you book it as a prenatal and not just a traditional massage. This will ensure that your therapist will not only know that you are pregnant, but allow for them to set up properly for the service. There may be different massage accessories like maternity pillows or blankets that they need to have ready to ensure you are comfortable your entire service. The therapist will ask additional questions like how far along you are, and if you have any sensitivities to fragrances or anything that you would like to focus on for your appointment that day. You want to have a good line of communication with your therapist so they are able to help address your needs and have you leaving pain free.

Most therapists take additional training to be able to offer prenatal massage on their books. This training is important because it addresses pressure points, position, and blood flow of the client to ensure that the massage is done in a safe manner. Your massage may change throughout your pregnancy. The therapist’s goal is to keep you safe and relaxed during your massage. When you get towards the end of your pregnancy, they may not be able to go as deep in some areas or massage other areas all together. This is very common and will be communicated with you by your therapist so you are on the same page.

There are a lot of things to consider when booking a body massage Loveland CO during pregnancy. When booking one at TEN Salon and Spa, you want to make sure that you are booking a prenatal massage so your therapist will prepare for your service properly. Ask any questions you may have so you feel comfortable during your service. If you are having any sensitivities or pain, let your therapist know so they can avoid scents or help you with relaxing. Make sure you are in your second trimester when booking. This will create a relaxing and comfortable experience for both you and your baby.