Soleil, sun care from Kérastase

Unleash Your Inner Mermaid!
Soleil, sun care from Kérastase!

Although it has been rather chilly here in Northern Colorado, warm months are on the way! When warmer weather finally arrives, you need to care for your hair in the sun just as much as your skin. Our hair, like our skin, does not have natural defenses against the sun, harsh pool chemicals or bacteria lurking in lake water. For these reasons, going the extra mile to nourish and protect our hair during the summer is vital! With new Soleil from Kérastase- soft, glowing hair is now possible all summer long!

Lets talk about those nasty chemicals in the pool! Chlorine is one of the main chemical aggressors in pool water! Chlorine strips the hair of any natural oils leaving it dry, frizzy and unmanageable. Reversing these side effects can be difficult but with Bain Aprés Soleil Shampoo and Masque makes it easier than ever! The gently nourishing shampoo removes chlorine, salt and sand from the hair while restoring smoothness and shine. It not only rebalances the hair fiber, it also provides sun protection and UV filters to keep colored hair from oxidizing and fading! Masque Aprés Soleil hair mask goes the extra mile to nourish and balance out the harsh effects of summer fun!

What about that extra frizz and dryness that we all experience? Combat both symptoms with Créme UV Sublime Hair Cream! You can apply Créme UV Sublime both before and after sun-exposure to experience all-day anti-humidity protection, and UV filters! Vitamin E and coconut water unite to deliver all day protection against sun, and the effects of an all day beach party!

This summer, would you like to truly unleash your inner mermaid? Do you want bouncy beach waves even a siren would envy? Of course you do! Huile Sirene Hair Oil Mist is a multi-protection hair oil spray that nourishes hair while defining beach-y texture! Enriched with Babbassu oil, Coconut water, Vitamin E and UV filters, this biphase oil mist will bring out your mermaid waves with zero crunch! All together, making Soliel a staple in your beach bag this summer will guaranty lush beautiful hair that will be the talk of the pool party! So start sipping on your Pina Colada and Unleash your inner mermaid!

With much love, TEN Salon and Spa