Source Essentielle
From L’Oreal Professionnel

Help save the world and have fantastic hair? Now you can do both without sacrificing quality! Source Essentielle is a new product line from L’Oreal Professionnel that cares for your hair as much as it cares for the environment. With eco-friendly packing technology, naturally derived ingredients, and refillable containers Source Essentielle is a beautiful way to feel confident about reducing your carbon footprint fabulously!

Sensitive Scalp? Dry hair? Lackluster shine? No problem! Source Essentielle has all your needs covered: Dermatologically tested Delicate Shampoo for sensitive scalps gently cleanses without over drying, and soothes irritation; Daily Shampoo recharges the hairs natural luster and shine with a light weight finish; Nourishing Shampoo restores suppleness while providing unmatched nutrition to the hair fiber via sesame oil! Power packed with naturally derived ingredients like Aloe Vera, Sesame Oil, Candulla, and Chamomile; your greatest hair wishes can come true!

We know what you’re asking yourself- What about the conditioner? Well we have you covered! The line includes three amazing options for treating and daily nourishment! Once daily conditioning cream rinse with Aloe Vera, and two deep conditioning masks- one with Fig Pulp, and one with Sesame Oil! For everyday dryness and detangling use Daily Detangling cream, a vegan formula with Aloe Vera made to reveal your strands natural resilience! For intense color care and remarkable shine use Radiance Balm, enriched with Fig Pulp to sustain shine and vibrant color! Last but not least use Nourishing Balm for deep nourishment and 64% boosted nutrition!

When you are running low on your shampoos, never fear! The refillable shampoo station is here! When you purchase a Source Essentielle shampoo, you can return to the salon and refill for a discounted price! You may refill your shampoo bottle up to three times! This helps us reduce the amount of packaging thrown away, and minimizing our carbon footprint! Source Essentielle shampoos are also delivered in eco-friendly packaging that reduces the amount of packing materials sent to landfills!

With Source Essentielle, great hair and a clear conscience is only a shampoo refill away! Stop in to experience naturally derived and vegan formulas today!