Supporting Local: Why We Love Sanitas Skincare

As a local business ourselves, we love the opportunity to support other small, local businesses. We get those feel-good endorphins knowing we’re putting food on the table for other Colorado families by buying their products, and we know our clients feel the same!  When buying local, we know we’re supporting someone’s dreams rather than lining the pockets of a big corporation. 

Sanitas Skincare is based in Boulder, Colorado, and we don’t just love it because it’s a local company! Sanitas Skincare is a female-led, eco-conscious company that believes in “pure, non-toxic and effective skin care.” 

Sanitas sources their ingredients from fair trade and eco-cert companies and they donate their time and money to organizations helping women, children, and the underserved. They believe in minimizing their environmental footprint by using recyclable packaging  and only using biodegradable shipping materials. Sanitas Skincare only uses renewable resources and refuses to use palm oil in any products. Their manufacturing facilities are low water-usage and many of their products are 100% water free!

Not only do their core values match ours, but their products also bring incredible results to our clients. With products for every skin type, everyone could benefit from using Sanitas Skincare!

 If you’ve ever had a facial at TEN, we’re sure you’d recognize the sweet smells of Santias Skincare’s Papaya Pineapple or Pumpkin Enzyme Masks! These fruity enzymes eat away at dry, dead skin, leaving your skin feelings soft and refreshed. Their Oil-Free Moisturizer is also a fan-favorite for clients with oily skin. It has a silky, soft matte finish that leaves your skin feeling hydrated, not shiny. 

TEN Salon & Spa is proud to carry Sanitas Skincare. Our estheticians would love to give you a complimentary consultation and discuss the perfect skincare products and routine for YOUR skin and lifestyle.