Since 2005, Ten Spa and Salon has made it easy for customers to prepare and plan for their upcoming appointments. Ten Spa and Salon is open seven days a week (except for Christmas and Thanksgiving) from eight am to six pm. If you want to make an appointment, you can either call between business hours or plan an appointment online any time of the day to make your appointment ahead of time. 

Med Spa Treatments

Before any massages, facial treatments, or any other services, it is advised to arrive fifteen minutes early to check-in and to get into your sandals and robe. You might be asked to fill out a questionnaire asking for information about breastfeeding, pregnancy, medication, or other health inquiries. Your therapist will then take you to a treatment room and go over your health history and explain how the treatment will work. All of this is for the purpose of making you as comfortable as possible for your selected treatment.


Unlike most fat removal surgery, cool sculpting is not one that requires extensive preparation as it is a relatively quick fat-freezing procedure. You need to make a consultation plan to see where you can freeze off fat, how many sessions you’ll need, and how much it’ll cost. Coolsculpting will only work if you have enough unwanted fat on your body to freeze off and results differ from patient to patient depending on the treatment areas.

Lip Enhancement

To prepare for your lip enhancement injections, you must arrive at least ten minutes early to your appointment to fill out important questions on the given form. It is important to note on the consent form stating you understand the treatments and are willing to be photographed after the procedure. It is important to note that pregnant women are not allowed to receive lip enhancement injections as Inject could cause harm to the fetus.

Botox Treatment 

Botox procedures are available to be done in a matter of a few minutes after filling out the questionnaire ten minutes before your appointment. Important notes on the forms state that you should not be pregnant, nursing a baby, or have a record of lip bleeding or infections. The information given will be used by your provider to ensure you are able to receive the treatment or to offer alternatives if you cannot.

Schedule Your Appointment Today!

For whatever treatment you desire to have, it is important for you to come in early to prepare for whatever treatment you prefer. This is not only for you to have time for filling out forms or prepare for consultation, but it is also to prevent you from being late and not getting the full treatment time you deserve! Reach out to us if you have any questions or come see us soon!